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How it all begin

If you watched the Sintel film ,like I did, I think you might have felt that , it was a beginning, a beginning to something much bigger .I felt like it was a first in many movies that were to come in the future. I felt like its end was actually a new beginning , I was hoping that someone out therr talented would make a sequel to the story , Believe it or not I was literally in love with Sintel and I wanted to see more of her. But that never happened. So I had to wait until I was skilled enough so that I would make the sequel my self

Research and legal stuffs

The first thing I did was to reseaarch if it was legally possible for a commoner like me to make a fan made sequel . turns out it is . So now that i think me and my team are skilled enough to make this ,we are going to make it.  


Our vision for this film project, things we want to achieve

  1. We want to test a production workflow that we have been experimenting for months now . this workflow essentially helps to make animations faster, it goes like this ….We buy 3D models from all over the web from different softwares and adapt them for blender so that we don’t have to do any modelling or rigging then we use motion capture technology to animate the characters , and then render in a real time render engine  ie Unreal Engine  and all this uses Blender as the main software. We have used this workflow in small projects but we want to see how far we can push it. The idea is that the animation making process should be shorten . If we successfully pull it off that means full feature films(45 minutes and beyond) produced by a small team will be a real possibility. So Initial goal is possibility of this workflow and then after that we will see how we can scale it to make it cost effective as well , so that even small budget feature animated films made with blender can become a reality. And for this project we will try to use blender’s very own real time renderer EEVEE
  2. Ability to make this project fast and cost effectively 
  3. win awards
  4. share this workflow with the Blender community so that film makers can start making feature films

Vision board will be posted here